Even minor health issues life-threatening for Thengsang villagers


IMPHAL, January 14: Villagers of Thengsang under the Tamei Assembly Constituency are facing life-threatening health care issues even if there is a fully operational Primary Health Centre within the range of 20 to 25 kms at the Tamei headquarters.

A villager told IFP that Thengsang villagers are facing the healthcare problem from a long time because no development has been made to avail health care facilities in the village which also has a bad road connectivity issue. In the village, there are altogether 100 households.

The villager narrated that a man in his early fifties died of Asthma and the pain generated by a stone case due to lack of medical facilities in his village last November as he could not afford the money for his treatment elsewhere. His health problem was a minor one but due to lack of even basic medical facilities in the village it took his life, the villager added.

Villagers of Thengsang go to a pharmacy at Challawa which is 10 kms away for any health check-ups, treatment of any minor injuries or getting their vaccinations done. The pharmacy at Challawa is important to the villagers here because if anybody falls sick, he will receive first aid such as pain killer injections to get some relief. Those seriously ill are later taken to the hospital at Kangpokpi which is 60 to 65 kms away from Thengsang.

Comparing the distance between the hospital at Kangpoki and Tamei PHC from the village, the Tamei PHC is nearer but going to Kangpoki is more logistically convenient for patients and those tending him. Villagers faced serious trouble during the rainy session because the condition of the road is bad.

Most of the villagers prefer to go to Kangpoki instead of hospitals at Imphal because they couldn`™t bear the cost of the medical treatment.


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