Governor sends out Gaan Ngai greetings


IMPHAL, Dec 31: The Governor of Manipur, Dr. KK. Paul has extended a very warm greeting to the people of Manipur, particularly to the Zeliangrong brethren on the joyous and auspicious occasion of Gaan Ngai, 2015.

According to a release of the Deputy Secretary, Gaan Ngai is the `Festival of Winter Season`™ for the Zeliangrong community and it is celebrated for paying respect and homage to those departed souls who left the ephemeral world in the preceding year. It also symbolized the end of a year giving way to a new one full of hope and ambition.

The Governor further said that the festival is an opportunity for different people to come together and strengthen the bond of friendship and brotherhood and wished for everyone to celebrate the festival in its true spirit with traditional gaiety and devotion and ring in the New Year for a peaceful and prosperous Manipur, it said.


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