Irregularities in RIMS dentistry department appointments alleged


IMPHAL, December 31: The Dental College of the Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) has once again come to the limelight for all the wrong reason, this time marred with allegation of irregularities being practiced while conducting interview for appointment of House Officer (Dentistry) of the College.

The report emerges in the wake of a case lodged against the former Directors of the RIMS by the CBI in connection with supply of dental chair for the Dental College.

Interacting with some of the candidates who have taken part in the interview it is learnt that the interview for appointment of four House Officer was conducted at the end of the November last year.

As per norms the interview has been conducted purely on merit basis. After evaluating the performances (marks) of candidates starting from their BDS first year till graduation, the candidate with the highest mark is appointed as House Officer. Besides, proper authentication of the certificate possessed by the candidates is carried out, the sources quipped.

However, it has been informed that the recent procedure adopted for the appointment of House Officer (Dentistry) was quite the reverse.

It has been alleged that a candidate whose overall mark with 63.5 percent (BDS first year to graduation) was appointed for one of the four House Officer posts dropping a more eligible candidate whose overall mark with 68 percent.

The faultily appointed candidate was reportedly serving with the dental college for one and a half year on honorary basis.

It is learnt that a Doctor is allow to serve on honorary basis in a department for one year at the most and six months at the least.

The same sources further appealed the Ministry concerned to intervene into the matter to cleanse up such malpractice in a premier institute.


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