MSAD to monitor child helpers employed by Manipuris in Delhi


IMPHAL, January 7: Child labour is increasing in Delhi and mostly girls are being hired as domestic helps in middle class families, stated Manipur Students Association, Delhi secretary M Rajiv in a press meet at the Manipur Press club today.

He said juveniles from Manipur are being employed by Manipuri families settled in Delhi.

Rajiv said most of these children belonged to poor families who were brought to Delhi with an assurance of providing education, good salaries, accommodation but which actually don`™t happen in most cases as they are treated like animals and tortured. There have been cases of some of the children escaping from their work places and vanishing because they were unable to tolerate the torture, he added.

He said MSAD is going to monitor the prevalence of child labour among Manipuris in Delhi and others as well. He also appealed those families whose children were being taken to Delhi with promises of good education, salaries and others incentives to inform to MSAD so that it can monitor their children and they can contact their children whenever they want.


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