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Ref. No.: 20150126MSAD/PR                                                                      Date:26/01/2015


Press release


Human Rights Committee of Manipur Students’ Association Delhi launched one month campaign on “IROM SHARMILA, MAKE BY INDIA CAMPAIGN”. The campaign was commenced today(26th Jan.2015) at the University of Delhi and it will last till 28th of Feb, 2015.

The campaign aims to showcast the contradictory of India’s policy of “make in India” and discourse in the North East region especially Manipur. In the 65 years under Indian administration, the government shows no interest to promote productivity of Manipur. Once a self sustained Manipuri economy has now become completely dependent on the import economy based on National Highway. So far their only product is more Police personals, VDF(Village Defence Force) and Special Police Officers (SPO), which results in the brutality and oppression to the people. All the stake holders of the state, political parties and civil society members have silently endorse the politics of AFSPA and its practice.

  • Indian National Congress strongly opposed the British colonial law- Armed forces special powers ordinance 1942.The same INC passed the Armed Forces Special Power Act in 1958 in more brutal way after some amendment in the Parliament.
  • The BJP resolved that they will never repeal as long as India exist.
  • The regional political parties like Trinamool congress, AIADMK, DMK, BSP, Samajwadi, Janata Dal Parivar, BJD continue to support this draconian law. AAP has no difference on AFSPA.
  • Most of the Indian thinkers, scholars, personalities, journalists have chosen the conspiracy of silence. Majority of the Indian continue to ignore AFSPA. 95% of the Indian intelligentsia believes that India could not sustain without AFSPA.
  • Indian nationalism could not imagine India without AFSPA.
  • Most Gandians who believe in  non-violence hates Irom Sharmila and people struggle.
  • Indian political ideology and political thoughts, arthasastrya, religious texts justify everything and anything to sustain in the name of politics and security of the state.
  • Casteist, sexist and racist mentality does not allow to sense the pain and trauma of the people under military regime, its politics and the practice of AFSPA.
  • India hopes to produce more economy, entrepreneurship, business and compete with other countries around the world to make India a producing economy and propose “Make in India” programme. But in the case of Manipur and other military controlled areas, it produces more police personals, Village Defence Force (VDF), Special Police Officers (SPO), which again produce more brutality and oppression to the people.
  • After the annexation of Manipur by Dominion of India, in the last 65 years, the once self sustained Manipuri economy has now become completely dependent on the import economy based on National Highway.
  • India makes Irom Sharmila who is now carrying the longest hunger strike in the history of mankind. She has been on fifteen  years of fast against AFSPA.

Hence street corner meeting, area meeting, class mobilisation and online campaign will be the part of this campaign. MSAD appeal all the people of Manipur and students to support the campaign.



Secretary, Public Relations

Bipinchand Pheiroijam



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