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Public meeting condemns Indrani`s death

JIRIBAM, Jan 14: A public meeting cum sit-in protest was held today at Jiribam condemning the death of Yumnam Ongbi Indrani Devi organized by Handicapped rehabilitation Organization (HRO).

Speakers at the meeting questions why the Meira Paibee and other civil organizations choose to keep mum regarding the death of Indrani. They also said that civil bodies in Jiribam should condemn the incident where a pregnant woman and her unborn child were killed.

It may be mentioned here that Yumnam Ongbi Indrani Devi, 38, wife of Y Babahal Singh was reportedly killed in a physical fight with her neighbour on Jan 9 last at Bidyanagar,

Deceased Indrani`™s daughter Banita speaking tearfully at the meeting demanded to punish the accused person identified as Potsangbam Seilendhino Devi, 60, wife of (L) P Hem Singh according to the law.

She also charged that accused Seilendhino`™s son identified as Somorendro reportedly threaten them saying even the father should be killed.

She appealed the local club and other civil bodies to outcast the alleged killer`™s family from the locality as she and her family no longer wants them as neighbour.



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