State govt is doomed like Kabui Keioiba, says State BJP chief


IMPHAL, January 12: A fate similar to the one which befell Kabui Keioiba in the popular folktale will befall the State government led by Okram Ibobi when Union ministers start paying fortnightly visit to NE under instructions of the Prime Minister, said State BJP chief Thounoujam Chaoba.

In his speech at the National Youth Day observation today at the BJP office, Chaoba said the financial condition in the state is getting worst as funds meant for developmental schemes are all siphoned off. The new NDA government is demanding utilisation certificates which the State government is unable to submit, he added.

`Developmental works are found only on paper and used for directing developmental funds to the pockets of some influential ministers. Spot verifications will start as soon as Union Ministers begin their visits to the NE every 15 days. The financial condition in the state will only worsen because without any audit reports of a project the NDA government will not sanction more funds`, the State BJP chief said.

He said the Central government likes transparency in development works and if the State government has committed mistakes or has indulged in corrupt practices, it would be in trouble. The visits are especially arranged for the NE because PM Modi is aware that all the states depend on the Centre for funds. Means to rectify such tradition and finding an alternative means instead of perpetuating the dependent culture which breeds corruption will be the focus of Union Ministers during their fortnightly visits, he added.

The State BJP chief said the ideology of Prime Minister Modi and his government is development for all the people of India by following the ideas of prominent persons like Swami Vivekananda, still an icon for Indian youths, and Atal Bihari Vajpayee, imitating their lifestyles and living with discipline. The PM is against corruption, favouritism and nepotism, he added.

Now many intellectuals are following the ideology of Narendra Modi and have even started joining the BJP during the mass enrolment drive, Chaoba said, adding that none of the Indian Prime Ministers has considered the NE region a part of India`™s past history.

Narendra Modi delivered his opinion on the people of NE region and Manipur, and about its youths being overwhelmed by drug abuse, he said. Modi wants to inspire youths of Northeast India by emphasising their role in construction of a glorious future, he added.

He said from today onwards, youths must work sincerely to bring a bright future from this auspicious occasion on National Youth day.

BJP Manipur Pradesh general secretary M Asnikumar said PM Modi has changed the political landscape of the country in the last Lok Sabha polls. It was a historic win with an absolute majority in the Lok Sabha enabled by the support of Indian youths. Youths handed him a mandate with the victory, so leaders of the NDA government are emphasising on youths, he added.

The Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha is taking a vital role in the enrolment drives conducted across the state. Aribam Victoria Sharma of Thangmeiband has been selected as the state level membership drive publicity and propaganda in-charge while Bikramjit Kongkham of Nagamapal Soram Leirak was selected as the state level membership drive social media-in-charge today, he said.

BJYM president O Malesh said youths are the pillars of a nation and without youths no development can be brought in a society or a country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is giving full encouragement to the Manipuri youth by earmarking Rs 100 crores for the establishment of a National Sports University in Manipur, he added.

A blood donation camp is being organised by the BJYM in connection with the National Youth Day observation on the birth day of Swami Vivekananda. He further said that about 30 BJYM volunteers are donating their blood to the JNIMS Hospital today.

Meanwhile, the State BJP chief opened the complaint box placed at the gate of the BJP office in Nityaipat Chuthek to the public today. During the occasion, he told media persons that the complaint box is for those people who can`t openly complaint against corruption cases in the state. They can now raise complaints against corruption which will be delivered to the Central leaders who will then take necessary actions.

The complaint box will be opened after three days and the complaints will be assessed and then send to the Central government. However, the complaints should contain relevant documents and can be about any discrepancies in developmental projects, PDS items distribution etc, he added.

In another development, the BJP Manipur Pradesh has announced the names of members and their designations in its reconstituted State Vision Document Committee.

The committee will function under the chairmanship of Dr RK Ranjan Singh with Prof N Joykumar Singh as the co-chairman, M Asnikumar as the convenor, PA Theko as co-convenor and former minister Haokholet Kipgen), S Premananda Sharma and RK (O) Pramodini Devi as members.

The State Vision Document Committee of the BJP will draft documents related with development activities of connectivity and other social Infrastructure, water bodies and land resources, population and human resources, economy of state, agriculture and allied sectors etc.


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