State Health director signed appointment orders before declaration of DPC results, alleges Shyamkumar

MLA, Shyamkumar talking to media persons at Moirangpurel Government High
MLA, Shyamkumar talking to media persons at Moirangpurel Government High

IMPHAL, January 31: The State Health Society director Okram Ibobmcha has indulged in malpractices while recruiting staffs on contract basis by signing selected appointment orders before the declaration of DPC five months ago, alleged Manipur Pradesh Trinamool Congress Committee president Th Shyamkumar.

Talking to the media at the campus of Moirangpurel Government High School during the inspection of the school building, he said another irregularity occurred within the Health department recently.

The MLA also distributed copies of the relevant documents to the media.

He alleged that the notice of recruitment on contract basis of ANM, drivers and pharmacists of NHRM was issued on January 19 this year but he signed the memorandum of their appointments on August 12 last year for those selected ANMs, drivers and pharmacists.

It is quite clear that people of Manipur were cheated once again by turning the Health department into a source of making easy money. As per the norms, the appointment order must be signed only after the results of the DPC are declared. But he signed the appointment orders five months before the declaration of the DPC result, Shyamkumar said.

He also tried to withdraw the salaries for five months of all the selected candidates. He started the process of withdrawing the huge amount but unfortunately the process of sanctioning the amount was stopped within a short period. The amount belongs to the people of Manipur and is not his personal wealth, he added.

Shyamkuamr further warned every district chief Medical officers that if anyone was found withdrawing the amount, legal actions will be taken against them and they will be given befitting punishment. He also appealed the concerned authorities and the government to acknowledge this blatant malpractice.

Shyamkumar said he was warning the concerned officials to make clarifications through the media, correct their mistakes and instruct the high ranking officials in right time, cautioning them if they did not respond, all their malpractices and fraudulent practices would be made known through the media.

Meanwhile, Shyamkumar asked the Health director to clarify on the issue of the mother kits item. After five to six years of debate and discussion as a State issue and just after the exposure of the truth in the media, the Health director has merely called the charges as baseless and unfounded allegation from the Andro A/C MLA Th Shyamkumar which is rather unfortunate, he added.

Asking to know as to how the items were delivered at such short notice, Shyamkumar enquired where the items were deposited and how many have been distributed to beneficiaries and whether the kits have been actually distributed to people.

The total of 84 lakhs estimated items of mother kits is huge, Shyamkumar said, appealing for a clarification on the matter.

Meanwhile, the Andro A/C MLA has also announced restrictions on heavy vehicles being utilised for construction of multipurpose projects in the area by the State government from plying on the poor conditioned road of the Andro assembly constituency on the condition that the road was not maintained properly and good enough for being travelled by 10/12 wheels heavy loaded vehicle or trucks.

The State government hasn`™t repaired the road citing financial constraints and how can heavy loaded vehicles ply on sub-standard roads, he said, adding heavy vehicles will not be allowed to ply on all approach road leading to the Thoubal Multipurpose Project construction from today onward until the government construct such a road which can be travelled by heavy vehicles with 10/12 wheels.

However, the restrictions will not be imposed on vehicles having six wheels or less, he said.

The restriction on heavy vehicles was taken after a lot of consultation because the deplorable roads are made even worst by wheels of the heavy vehicles creating more hindrance to the public, and especially to the student community, causing frequent accidents risking the lives of the people of Andro, Shyamkumar said.


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