Success in getting some UG groups to agree to leave violence biggest achievement of 2014: Manipur police


IMPHAL, December 31: Manipur Police in close coordination with other Security Forces deployed in the State, maintained law and order, besides prevention and detection of crime during 2014.

According to a release of the PRO, Manipur police, the police has been striving to bring normalcy in the state by way of dialogue/negotiation with the misguided youth of the state.

Due to coordinated effort of Police and SFs, 1(one) valley based extremist group, viz., KCP (K K Nganba) group signed MoU with Government of Manipur during 2014, the release said. In all 37 cadres along with 31 arms attended the `Home Coming` ceremony.

Further, 19 cadres along with 17 arms of KCP (Nongdrenkhomba) group, which had already signed the MoU in 2013 also joined the ceremony during the year. In addition, due to the concerted effort of Manipur Police and SFs, 98 insurgents surrendered to the State Government at individual level along with arms/ammunition during 2014, it said.

The subversive activities of UG groups, both hill and valley based, were under check. However, sporadic violent incidents involving misguided youth resulted in loss of life and damage to property.

Manipur Police on its own and in joint operations with Security Forces achieved commendable success in containing the movement and activities of insurgents. Main achievements during 2014 are arrest of 670 insurgents, 9 insurgents killed in encounters, 108 numbers of arms seized (1890 numbers of ammunition seized, 106-hand grenades, 141 detonators recovered/seized, 10 IEDs recovered, 32 numbers of explosive sticks seized and 46 number of gelatine pieces recovered/seized, 5.4 kg of explosive material seized and a total of Rs. 6, 24, 915/- recovered/seized from insurgents, it said.

The Manipur Police also achieved success in checking the menace of drugs by way of pro-active enforcement work. The concerted efforts resulted in seizure of large quantities of contraband drugs are 1.400 kg of heroin, 3033 kg of ganja, 71 kg of opium, 2.4 kg of brown sugar, 13,31,889 SP capsules, 58, 674 N-10 Tablets, 2378 bottles of 100ml cough syrup, 4.6 kg and 950 tablets of pseudoephedrine, 8841 tablets of Amphetamine tablets and 636.8 acres of land with illicit poppy cultivation destroyed in hills and valley districts of the state, it said.

During 2014, Manipur police also destroyed seized drugs under Section 52A of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act 1985, after obtaining prior permission from the concerned Court. In June, 5445.927 kg of ganja seized in connection with 32 FIR cases were destroyed by burning.

Again, in November, 390688 strips, 219976 nos. & 44.017 kg of Ephedrine /Pseudoephedrine tablets, 3298 strips & 226787 numbers of SP capsules and 12800 strips of N-10 tablets and 5.557 kg of heroin seized in connection with 25 FIR cases were destroyed by burning, based on Court orders. The pre-trial disposal of drugs was done as per procedure prescribed by law.

In the coming year, Manipur Police plans to modernise its functioning by initiating cyber crime investigation, enhance mobility of the force, better communication system, upgrading the striking capability with induction of sophisticated weapons, increasing the office space and housing satisfaction level of lower subordinates, procuring security gadgets, to professionalise its working.

Efforts are also on to upgrade the knowledge and skills of all field operatives especially the armed police by putting them through Refresher Training Courses both within and outside the State.

Manipur Police appeals to the members of public for their continued support and cooperation to enable it fulfill its mandate in maintaining peace and tranquility in the society, besides timely detection and prosecution of offenders.

The Manipur Police also conveyed its best wishes to one and all for the coming year, 2015, it said.


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