TKS urges govt to rectify promotion anomaly


R Lester Makang

UKHRUL, January 25: Decrying the state government`™s alleged partisan in the promotion process of the State Agriculture Department whereby depriving Deputy Director Louis Ngasainao of his due promotion to the post of Director, the Tangkhul Katamnao Saklong (TKS) has urged the concerned authority to look into the anomaly.

In a statement, the Tangkhul students`™ apex body said that Louis Ngasainao, the then District Agriculture Officer of Ukhrul is the senior most officer in the cadre of Deputy Director in his respective department and was entitled to become the Director when another personnel who was promoted to the Deputy Director cadre 9 years after Louis Ngasainao superseded him to the Director`™s post `“ not one least bit being bothered about protocol.

`All the current personnels who are in the Deputy Director`™s cadre in the Agriculture Department of the state, based on the seniority list are junior to Louis Ngasainao by nine years or more, but he is to be superseded once more by his junior to the post of Director. These outrageous and blatant shows of communalism and partisan in the administration of the state government are rampant.`

Coming down on the State Agriculture Minister, Abdul Nasir, the statement said that he is nothing but an individual with no sense of protocol and lack of respect for the constitution they profess to uphold, while adding that the Saklong would like to urge the state government to look into this corrupted anomaly that has victimized Louis Ngasainao `“ a respected man of integrity in the society, and protect such respected officers from people such as Abdul Nasir who thinks the cabinet berth he holds is his family`™s rightful inheritance and that he can do as he pleases.

`The Government of Manipur has always tried to portray itself to be an entity that implements what is given in the Constitution that it seemingly upholds. So then why do we constantly see its ugly communal head again and again? Is the state government led by Okram Ibobi Singh not one bit capable of being an entity with integrity? The tribals of Manipur have had enough of the state`™s antics of partisan governance. The most noticeable amongst its antics can be seen within the state personnel and their administration.`

The Saklong will observe and make sure that justice is done but if the anomaly is not corrected at the earliest, it said adding that the Director`™s post is rightfully his and no other personnel should be given the post.

Meanwhile, as regards the charges leveled against Ngasainao, the students body asserted that vigilance department even conducted an inquiry on allegations against him but as per Order No. 8/8/CDE/2014 signed by JC Ramthanga the then Principal Secretary (DE), all cases against him was to be disposed. No case of fraudulent dealings nor of corruption were found on him, yet the victim is being punished by way of his promotion to the post of Director being withheld `“ which is constitutionally and rightfully his by virtue of the seniority list of the Department.


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