Call to safeguard Loktak Lake reverberates Wetland Day observation

Boats lined up at Loktak lake during the World Wetland Day observation.
Boats lined up at Loktak lake during the World Wetland Day observation.

IMPHAL, February 2: Climate change is largely due to the changing lifestyle of the humans who have been destroying natural resources in the name of development, observed Commerce and Industries minister Govindas Konthoujam.

Speaking at an observation of the World Wetland Day observation at Tumulakpa, Loktak Khongban Thinungei, Bishnupur, he said killing of wildlife including birds and animals also contribute in accelerating the change.

The observation was jointly organised by the Pole Star Guardians`™ Association, Thinungei (POSTGAT) and Centre for Conservation of Nature and Cultivation of Science (CCNCS) with sponsorship from the Loktak Development Authority (LDA).

Govindas said people of the State should safeguard the natural resources available and at the same time, try to keep the Loktak Lake clean.

The lake has huge potential of helping the State economy he said elaborating further that it could be a main tourist attraction as the large migratory bird population in the lake would certainly attract tourists in droves.

Elaborating on the ways to keep Loktak Lake clean and clear, he further appealed to the people against using chemicals and poisons to catch fish from the lake.

The day is being observed in the State only because we have the Loktak Lake, he said appealing to all to understand the values of the available natural resources.

Unless, the people put efforts to save the lake, in a few years time it will be a water-body only in name like Keishampat, he observed.

Forest and Wildlife conservator Th Mahendra Pratap Singh and Manager, Administrator (T & HRD), NHPC, Loktak RK Shitaljit Singh also attended the observation as president and guest of honour respectively.

Other highlights of the day include a Wetland Photography Contest, painting competition at Tumurakpa ground for students and a migratory bird watching event. Dance troupes from Laimanai Kabui Village and Haotak Village also presented Rongmei and Komren tribes respectively.

Meanwhile, the ALLAFUM, ACOMLUP, AMPFA, AMTPWA, AMUCO, CCDD, CORE, COHR, CRA, CSD, HERICOUN, HRA, HRI, INTACH-Manipur, IPSA, IP, LFWA, LIFEWATCH, NIPCO, PRDA, REACH-M, REACHOUT, UCM and UPF also jointly observed the World Wetland Day at Thanga Haoreng Chingyang in association with Environment and Ecology Wing, Government of Manipur today.


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