Road development under PMGSY in Naoriya Pakhanglakpa to be completed before schedule, claims RK Anand


IMPHAL, February 9: The ninth phase of the PMGSY, the proposal programmes of which includes the development of around six inter village roads in Naoriya Pakhanglakpa constituency is targeted to be completed before schedule, said the MLA of the constituency, RK Anand.

During a spot inspection today, he visited the sites of the road development at Ningombam village, Konjeng Leikai, Langpoklakpam Leikai etc

During his visit to Kongjeng Leikai, RK Anand asked the government officials and the Executive Engineer, PIU of the PWD to complete the construction of the 900 meter long road along with the culverts and slabs in the area.

He later visited the site of the Ngairangbam road construction and told the media that his visit today was to check the progress made in the area. He said that it has come to his notice that there was some complaint about a communication gap between the people and the contractor about the construction. He has visited the site to solve the problem by bringing about an understanding between the two, he said, adding that there was however no such problem when he visited the site.

Further stating that he would like to see the work completed within the official schedule, he said he wanted a clear-cut maintenance of the standard specification so that the people cooperate with the contractors.

Meanwhile, the engineering department has also given instructions to maintain the norms properly during the road development.

A layer of the road has been laid till today with the other layer yet to be laid, he said, adding that in his view, people are satisfied with the work completed so far and the department can`t go beyond a budget which should be acknowledged by the people.

Appealing some adjustment from the contractors to fulfil the demands of the public in the construction, he said people know that road development under PMGSY is taken up in various places of the state but he was urging the contractors to give first priority to Ningombam road.

On the other hand, Executive engineer Sanatomba of PUI, Public Works Department the Ningombam road is 2.5 km long and he has instructed the contractors to give first priority on constructing the culverts and slabs rather than on road development for the time being. The levelling of the road by maintaining slopes have been completed and the water bound macadam of two layers will be laid, he informed.

Now, the first layer has been completed and so has the work on some consolidation area, he said, adding the schedule of constructing a road is one year and the work started in September 2014 but as compared to other works, the road development of this particular road has progressed a lot. We are trying to complete the road development before the schedule, he stressed.


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