State BJP clarifies use of `immigrants` was an error


IMPHAL, February 4: The BJP Manipur Pradesh would never subscribed to the term `immigrants` used in the party`™s Vision Document for the Delhi Assembly Election, said the party`™s State spokesperson in a press release.

The BJP Headquarter has sincerely clarified that it has no bad intention towards the people of North East and that the people of the region are as good as the people of Delhi, he said.

`The word `immigrants`™ was mistakenly used and is being removed,` he said adding that this was made public through the national spokesperson MJ Akbar.

Minister of State of Home Affairs, Kiren Rijiju has also clarified that the word was wrongly typed and that he regretted the error which had sparked off a national controversy and hurt the sentiments of the people of the region, he said in the statement.

Stating that the BJP Manipur Pradesh president had a telephonic communique with the central leadership of the party on the issue this morning, he said the Centre had also reassured the love and care of the people of the region.

The BJP Manipur strongly stands to uphold the spirit of Manipur and it would continue to serve the purpose in the coming days too, he said.

The word has been removed and the people are appealed to be on guard from other political trouble mongers and mud slingers, he said calling the use of the word in the vision document a `human error.`™


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