Local oracles in Manipur predict omens for the year

Kongba Leithong Phatpa Sajibu Leikhul Touba
Kongba Leithong Phatpa Sajibu Leikhul Touba

IMPHAL, March 27: Local oracles led by Maichou Maisnam Apabi and Angom Ningthou Amubi have today predicted future events in Manipur at Pakhangba Soi Leingangpokpi, Pangei Haotal during the ritual `Kongba Leithong Phatpa Sajibu Leikhul Touba`™ ceremony which is held annually on the seventh day of Meitei lunar month of Sajibu, which falls during the months of March-April.

The ritual ceremony has been in practice from ancient times in Manipur and is conducted and organised by Uttra Shanglen, Sana Konung.

The ritual include digging up a piece of land and according to insects, reptiles or decomposed objects etc, found, the oracles predict future omens of Manipur.

Accordingly, these oracles also known as `Maichou`™ today predicted that the state will witness late rainfall and farmers will suffer low agricultural yields.

The oracles further predicted that the state will be tense and some political leaders of the state may face downfall.

As part of the ritual ominous objects found during the digging will be brought to the Kangla Fort after a few days and a puja will held there to banish the negative forebodings and to pray for prosperity to the land.


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