Nigel Eastwood, New Call Telecom CEO, relishes Manipur’s vegeterian cuisines


In an exclusive Q&A session with Economic Times, Nigel Eastwood, a British CEO of New Call Telecom – emerging low cost & affordable telecommunications provider, expressed his love for Manipur’s vegetarian cuisines and beautiful culture.



Rapidly growing British company New Call Telecom was in the news for 2 interesting developments w.r.t. India – acquisition of 70% stake in Nimbuzz, a cross-platform mobile messaging app, costing around $175 million and moving its call centre jobs from Mumbai to North West part of England which results in creating more local jobs in UK.

When ET asked him about his “Indian Surprise”,  Nigel in his own words expressed that “Manipur has some of the best vegetarian food I’ve ever tasted. The ‘Pung Cholon’ drummers are simply superb.”

The coverage in the Economic Times was re-tweeted by the CEO himself and was found trending in the company website.

Nigel Tweet about Manipur
Nigel Tweet about Manipur


Nigel Eastwood, CEO, New Call Telecom

Far-out destination: Saint Tropez, France with its chic elegance, fine dining, superb weather. A must for yachting fans.

Indian Surprise: Manipur has some of the best vegetarian food I’ve ever tasted. The ‘Pung Cholon’ drummers are simply superb.

Bon Vivant moment: Strolling through Marbella Old town on a hot summer evening then having a superb fish meal at Zazoi  ..

Outdoorsy Activity: Shooting pheasants in the valleys of rural north wales near Aberdovey.

Emptied your pockets on: Fine art from exotic places from all over the world.

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Gourmet Delights: Justin Quek’s Taster Menu @Sky on 57, Marina Bay sands, Singapore. The Coral fish is superb and the chef, a genius.

Gourmet gaffes: Ordering food of an all Cantonese menu in Shanghai, only to realise it was uncooked offal.

Streetfood surprises: Night Bazaar in Tabanan, Bali.

Best bar: I prefer my pubs to bars and my favorite is The Inn at Whitewell, Lancashire, dating back to the 130 ..


News source: EconomicTimes


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