Trade Union lauds civil bodies for supporting blast victims


IMPHAL, March 19: The Coordinating body of Trade Union lauded the various organisations, associations and union for extending financial help to Khwairamband Keithel blast victims on March 11 which left three dead and 22 injured.

While speaking at a press conference held today at Iravan Bhavan, BT Road Sotinkumar, chairperson, coordinating body of Trade Union said that various organisation has been contributing to extend help for the blast victims without waiting from the government side after the incident and it is still going on.

He also said that after much effort by the coordinating body of different civil organisations the state government has finally given its word to extend monetary assistance of Rs 5 lakh each to the families of the three dead victims and Rs 2 lakh each to the serious injured victims.

Sotinkumar noted that whenever there is a blast or some such unfortunate incidents in the state, it the workers who earn their daily wages and the poorer sections of the society who suffer the most, he added.

Even in the March 11 incident blast it is the workers who died or faced injuries he added.

He reiterated that this kind of incidents have been frequent in the state and appealed to all concerned to stop killing innocent people who earn their daily wages.

The Co-coordinating body of Trade Union also appealed to the government to save the people of the State by taking up stringent security measures.

`Violence is not the means to bring peace in the State` Sotinkumar reminded everybody.


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