Bird Flu operation: Combing of infected zone underway


IMPHAL, April 25: Combing of infected zone and surveillance operations of the surveillance zone have been started simultaneously from today as mopping operation which started yesterday ended successfully.

Official sources from the directorate of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry, said that during the mopping operations altogether 278 fowl were culled and 60 eggs along with 400 Kgs of poultry feed were disposed of by the Rapid Response Teams .

While the mopping operation was conducted by four groups of RRT, combing operation of the infected zone along with police personnel started today.

At the same time, adhering to the action plan to control and contain the avian influenza, another four groups of RRT have started surveillance operation in surveillance zone which falls under 10 km radius from the epicentre, ICAR Lamphelpat.

The same source informed that on the first day, the surveillance operation covered 20 areas lying in both Imphal West and East districts. The areas are Ucheckon, Irilbung, Keikhu, Pangong, Naharup, Kshetrigao, Thambalkhong, Potsangbam Khullen and Awang Potsangbam, Maibakhul, Mongjam, Khonghampat to Pheidinga, Yurembam, Phayeng, Haorangsabal, Sanjenbam, Loitang Khullen, Spinning Mill, Mantri Leikai and Khamaram.

Altogether, 20,859 fowl were culled and 2335 eggs, 5759 Kgs poultry feed have been destroyed since April 19 after the declaration of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza, Bird Flu, outbreak with ICAR poultry unit of ICAR Lamphelpat, as the epi-centre.

Meanwhile, in continuation of the house to house survey being conducted by health officials following the confirmation of the Bird Flu outbreak which was first reported from the Poultry Unit of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) Lamphelpat on April 18, a total of 37, 485 people of 6606 families in Imphal West and East areas within 3 km from the epicentre were surveyed on flu related diseases today.

According to State level Monitoring Cell under Health Services Manipur, altogether 1, 18, 793 people have been surveyed so far. However, no one was found having symptoms related to Bird Flu disease during the survey.


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