Family demands Tekcham Sanahal`s unconditional release


IMPHAL, 18 April: Tekcham Sanahal is innocent cried his mother Tekcham Tamu during the press meet and said that the state police to investigatethe case minutely to see the truth. She further urged for the release of his son and the dropping all the charges against him.

It may be mentioned that Tekcham Sanahal married a girl identified as Konthoujam Ongbi Naobi Devi, 18. She one day disappeared and was claimed as dead and cremated in September 2011. Her husband and his family were brutalised for their alleged crime and put behind bars for six months.

After four years, local found Naobi to be alive and living with Tekcham Sanahal at Nongdam Tangkhul Village.

During the press meet grandfather of Tekcham Sanahal Tekcham Tolen Singh said that Sanahal and his parents were ignorant about Naobi`™s background as according to Naobi, her father had died and her mother had married another man.

Naobi`™s only guardian known to them was her uncle, said Tolen and added that even her uncle did not disclose about her background and instead demanded Rs 50,000 for instant marriage (Keinya Katpa) of his ward.

Sanahal`™s mother said that her son was a hard working labourer and is being framed into the unfortunate crime. She continued that she only came to know about the bizarre background of Naobi from the newspapers. She urged the concern authority to bring justice to her innocent son.


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