Khomidok villagers form committee to fight drug menace


One individual cast out from the village for selling drugs, another ask for forgiveness

IMPHAL, April 3: Khomidok Sorok Mapan Village Anti-Drug Committee (KSMUADC, a committee formed by the people of Khomidok to fight against selling and abusing of narcotic drugs has pledged to ban selling and abusing drugs in their village completely once and for all.

This was declared by Khomidok Sorok Mapan Village Anti-Drug Committee (KSMUADC) secretary M Amu speaking to IFP.

He said Khomidok in Imphal East District comes under the jurisdiction of Heingang Police Station and it is not very far from Imphal East District Headquarter, Porompat and Lamlong Keithel however it is not an easily accessible place.

He said taking advantage of this, some anti-social elements have been selling and abusing drugs since long time back in the village which had been the root cause of many unwanted incidents that have taken place in the village.

Because of all these reasons the villagers of Khomidok have jointly formed Khomidok Sorok Mapan Village Anti-Drug Committee to fight the drug menace, he said.

Iboton is presently the president of the newly formed committee which has around 60 members so far. The aim and objective of this committee is to cast out any vendors/individuals selling narcotic drugs in the village, he continued.

With this aim, the committee rounded around 38 individuals who were caught selling and abusing drugs and handed them over to the police, he maintained.

An individual who was caught selling narcotic substances was kicked out from the village along with his family and their house has been locked down by the committee members, he added.

Family of another individual who was also caught selling banned drugs have surrendered to the committee asking for forgiveness with a promise never to repeat the act again in future, he said.

He further said that this committee after the completion of its first mission to completely ban selling and abusing drugs in Khomidok, will magnify its working as a district level committee.

He appealed the public, civil society organizations, police personnel and other security forces operating in the State to give support in its fight against selling and abusing narcotic drugs.


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