Konthoujam Kabui Khul resents Mapithel Dam construction


IMPHAL, April 16: Konthoujam Kabui Khul villagers today came out strongly against the construction of Mapithel Dam by the State government and took out a rally declaring that they will ban the construction as it has been built without the consent of the villagers.

The rally taken out in the village and the adjoining areas was followed by a sit in protest Konthoujam Kabui Khul Market Shed.

Protestors held placards reading `Stop displacement of innocents`, `Abide free, prior and informed consent`, `Respect Forest Conservation Act, 1980`, `Stop Mapithel Dam construction` etc.

The rally and sit-in protest was organised by Rongmei Lu Phuam, Assam Manipur Nagaland (RLP, AMN).

Questioning whether projects affecting the innocent villagers could be for development, Meira Paibi, Nisa Band chairman Khamdonbi Rongmei said that the dam construction is not for development but to fill up the coffers of contractors.

If the construction was at all for the benefit and welfare of the people, than the public would not have protested, she said.

However, construction of numerous dams in the State has only increased the sufferings of the public, she claimed.

Moreover with the construction of such dams the villagers will greatly suffer due to flood and drought, she told media persons.

Khamdonbi also said that until the government stops the construction of dam the village with support from various organisations will continue with various forms of agitation.


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