KWOHR Sadar Hills condemns 35 AR


KANGPOKPI, April 29: The Kuki Women Organization for Human Rights Sadar Hills condemned the alleged hostility of 35 Assam Rifles towards the people of Twilong Kun area in the strongest term today.

Hahat Touthang, President KWOHR Sadar Hills alleged that personnel of 35 Assam Rifles, D-Coy, Hengbung post under the command of Maj. Golapi apprehended four innocent civilian identified as Kamboi, son of Lamkhochon of J. Songtun; Jangkholal, son of Ngamkholam of Hengbung; Haokhohen, son of Lamkhohao of Hengbung and Haogin, son of Paokhoseh of Hengbung at Hengbung village yesterday at around 6 pm without any arrest memo and immediately frisked them away to Lairouching HQ.

On learning of the incident, women folk spearheaded by KWOHR and KWU Sadar Hills approached 35 AR Hengbung post where the AR personnel on duty at the main gate fling a heavy water container on the women which is also a kind of complete harassment towards the women folk alleged Hahat Touthang.

She continued that despite repeated plea to provide the arrest memo the AR personnel detained the women folk up to 2 am in the morning saying that the post commander was out of station.

In the morning it was learnt that Maj. Golapi who is responsible for the arrest remain stationed at Lairouching and another AR officer identified as Lt. Col. L.T. Shekhawat came to Hengbung AR Post to meet the women folk alleged Hahat while adding that the AR officer failed to produce the arrest memo on that particular time.

Later, addl. SP of Senapati PS along with an IO who came to the AR Post Hengbung were asked to write that the four apprehended persons were arrested only on suspicious ground without any illegal items in their possession in the FIR report by the AR officer and told them to sign on the report but the police officer flatly denied the AR officer saying that those apprehended persons were not arrested by the police she further alleged.

She further alleged that later in the evening another FIR report was submitted at Senapati police station stating that the four apprehended persons were arrested along with 40 Kgs. of Ganja, one AK-47 rifles with live ammunitions and one country made rifles with three live round.

While categorically denying the FIR report of the AR personnel the women leader said that the AR personnel found nothing in the possession when they arrested them and it was also confirmed by the Lt. Col. in his earlier FIR statement before the Addl. SP Senapati and the concern Investigation Officer.

Condemning the hostility of the Assam Rifles personnel the KWOHR and KWU Sadar Hills including it units warned the AR to stop their enmity towards the innocent people in the area or else face the music.


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