Lamlai protesters demand action against OC


IMPHAL, April 11: Strongly protesting against the physical assault on Phaomei Angou by the OC of Lamphel Police Station, Okram Dorendro Singh, the Joint Action Committee this afternoon stormed the Chief Minister bungalow demanding the government to suspend the OC.

The large number of people while protesting shouted slogans and carrying various placard which to suspend Lamphel OC Okram Dorendro at the earliest.

Speaking to the media persons, Atongpi, JAC member stated that the government of the state is not concerned with the ongoing issue of the state regarding the security of women and protection and also questioned how weak is the government of the state from suspending the Lamphel OC who went against the law.

Moreover, the responsible police officer of the state who is supposed to give security and protection to the people used their power in the wrong way by assaulting and using derogatory comments to the victim’s father who came to the police station to asked about her daughter’s progress.

Atongpi further lamented over the government’s treatment towards the tribal people and for taking the issue very lightly as if one does not belong to the state and if the CM and Deputy CM of the state are too weak or ignorant to handle the situation of the state then they should resign from their respective post.

She also said that until and unless the government give positive response by April 15, the  JAC will resort to different forms of democratic agitations.

It also warned that state government should be held responsible for any untoward incidents.


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