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Manipur techie attacked in Bangalore, Police said “Get Lost” to the victim

BENGALURU:  Three unidentified men assaulted Chingmi Jojo, a software engineer, from Manipur in Ashok Nagar recently.

When 25-year-old Chingmi approached Ashok Nagar Police Station, with a slipper of one of the people who attacked him, the police’s response was ‘Hogalley’ (get lost).

Three unidentified men assaulted , Chingmi Jojo, a software engineer from Manipur in Ashok Nagar recently.

Ashok Nagar police refused to file a case citing jurisdictional issues. When Chingmi saw that the police were not going to be of any help, he asked them to drop him home. He had already had to walk from Austin Town to Ashok Nagar police station around midnight.

However, with the matter being brought to the attention of senior police officials, a case has now been registered in Ashok Nagar station and two teams have been formed under an ACP of Halasuru Gate to nab the attackers.

But Chingmi, from Manipur, is doubtful whether they will ever get caught.

“I can’t even describe them. All I have is one slipper and I know that one guy was tall and the other short. It all happened too fast and it was 11.30 pm,” he said.

Previoud cases of attack on Manipuri youths in Bangalore

Chingmi was out with his friends on Saturday night and was walking with two other friends, Alum and Thot. They were going to drop Alum home and then go to their PG in Austin Town itself. They were walking a little apart from each other with Chingmi right in front and Alum and Thot together.

Suddenly, two men approached them and snatched away the hat that Alum was wearing. Shocked, Thot confronted them but was punched on his mouth.

“I had not realised what was happening as I was distracted with my phone. Suddenly, one of them punched me as well. I began chasing them and screaming at them. One of them managed to leave his slipper behind. Hearing our cries, neighbours rushed out but the two men had escaped by then,” Chingmi said.

With the slipper in hand, Chingmi first went to Ashok Nagar traffic police station. He was shooed away from there. The police’s response to his ordeal was ‘Hogalley’.

After the matter was brought to the attention of senior police officials, a case was registered at Ashok Nagar station. Two teams have also been formed to identify and nab the accused.

Source NewIndianExpress



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