NH-2 cracks at Maphiliu prompting landslide fear, stranded vehicles await alternative route


IMPHAL, April 7: About 100 meter long crack found along the HN-2 Imphal-Dimapur road at Maphiliu area under Senapati district indicating the likelihood fresh landslide, resulted in many heavy vehicles stranded waiting for an alternative route.

According to Saloni, EE PWD Senapati district, his department got the information of the landslide warning on this stretch of the road when locals reported crack above the road NH-2 this morning. The fresh landslide warning has prompted the evacuation of two three houses of five family this morning.

He further said that PDW Sanapati has requested the Imphal division for earth moving equipments to construct new road diversion on side of the road. The earth works for the road construction will start from tomorrow morning after the machineries reach the spot, he added.

Around seven houses will be evacuated on both sides of the road, he said.

The situation was aggravated last Sunday as rain waters accumulated as there were no drainage following a mudslide which blocked the waterway. The water thereafter all flowed toward the construction site on the eastern side of the road, he said.

The earth absorbed the accumulated water as as heavy loaded trucks passed over them the road began to crack in the middle, setting off the landslide alarm.

The PDW Senapati has promptly started working to remove the mud blocking the waterway, he said.

Meanwhile, the public of the area told media persons that the houses constructed on the eastern side found some water during earth work after Sunday heavy rainfall in the area.

Later this morning the situation reached alarming level as the crack increased, necessitating the evacuation of the houses and family on the advice of the DC Senapati, Jasintha.

The vehicle plying on the road have been stopped and diverted to an alternative route along the old district hospital. The concern SP K Kavit and PWD National Highway Division II EE Dinesh lead a team and inspected the area and instructed not allow to heavy vehicle on the road from 3 pm today.


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