Thunder storm affects many villages in Chandel; CNPO extends help


CHANDEL, April 6: Many homes including agriculture and horticulture crops of villages located in and around the district head quarters Chandel have been affected by the terrific thunder storm accompanied by hailstones that occurred Sunday evening.

This is the first natural disaster of its kind, recorded in the district during the year where thunder and lightning amidst the heavy rainfall accompanied by falling of hails measuring about 2-3 cm in diameters have perforated GI Sheets of many houses and also affecting many agri-horti crops.

Most of the villages located in the district head quarters area including Riverlane, Lambung, Phunchung, Chandel Christian, Mantri Pantha and Hnahringkhu villages were affected by the hail and storm.

Even though the exact amount of rainfall and the total loss of damage to properties and crops have not been measured or estimated, many of the village chiefs have informed this correspondent who along with president of Chandel Naga People`™s Organisation (CNPO) Ws Kanral Anal went on for enquiry to the affected village, that several GI sheet roofed-houses were perforated and several crops were also destroyed in the calamity.

According to the chief of Riverline village, Ws Boyesh Anal, around 22 houses have been affected in his village while 20 houses have been affected in Phunchung and Lambung village respectively.

While visiting Riverline village, president of CNPO Ws Kanral Anal handed 5 bundles of GI Sheets to the chief Ws Boyesh for distribution among the affected villagers.

Later talking to this correspondent, president Kanral appealed district administration for quick assessment of the damages done and to extend all possible help to the affected villagers as soon as possible.


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