Disqualified Thongju MLA calls Speaker`s verdict `unfortunate`

Disqualified MLA Bishwajit’s supporters buring effigy of Speaker.
Disqualified MLA Bishwajit’s supporters buring effigy of Speaker.

IMPHAL, May 28: Reacting against the Speaker`™s verdict disqualifying three Trinamool Congress MLAs Thongam Bishwajit, Khumukcham Joykishan and Oinam Lukhoi, people of Thongju constituency took out a mass rally in the constituency before burning effigies of the Speaker who had passed the judgment. Later a public meeting was also convened at the residence of the disqualified local MLA.

Meanwhile, speaking to media persons, Thongam Bishwajit said that the judgment was unfortunate and there seem to be no consideration of its impact on the development schemes in the affected constituencies when it was taken.

The disqualified MLA also said that he will discuss the matter with his supporters and other experts to decide whether to file a case with the court or face a fresh poll.

Bishwajit who flew in today from outside the State was received by supporters at the Imphal Airport, even as people of the constituency gathered at his residence since early morning following yesterday`™s judgment.

At Bishwajit`™s residence, his supporters discussed their strategy to fight the Speaker`™s verdict and later womenfolk came out and burnt the Speaker`™s effigy.

Meanwhile, the disqualified MLA, Th Bishwajit told media persons `I can boldly call this judgment of the Speaker to be a wrong decision`.

He further asserted that so far we haven`™t formed any new political party and the infighting among the Trinamool Congress MLAs was on the issue of party leadership which is like a family issue.

However, according to legal experts the disqualification is because of the formation of a new political party, Bishwajit rued.

He lamented the decision will affect people and development of not only Thongju but of Thangmeiband and Oinam constituencies as well.

He asked if the verdict was delivered after proper consultation with experts, and whether they have proper documents testifying the formation of a new political party by the MLAs and the registration of the party in the State.

He also demanded the Speaker to make proper clarification before the people of the three constituencies at the earliest.

He demanded as to why the Speaker had reserved the judgment for so long and passed it now when there are several burning issues like the Dzuko Valley boundary issue.

He asked whether it was passed to divert the minds of the public from the State issues like the border dispute, ILPS demand, bandhs, blockades etc.

He said he wasn`™t afraid of fresh poll and that the people were on his side. However, conducting fresh polls in three constituencies will mean the State would have to utilize huge manpower, and when the State is facing financial problem, it would be mean extra expenditure that too when the 2017 election is approaching, he asserted.

This has also come even as the ADC election will be conducted on June 1, Bishwajit observed.

The people of Thongju has decided to defeat the opponents whether in fresh polls or by taking the issue to the court and seek justice, he continued.

The `No governance in Manipur` voice is now growing stronger after such a verdict was passed, he said.

He continued that the Speaker should also clarify on the issue of the five MLAs of Manipur State Congress Party who joined the Congress party although the MSCP was recognized by the ECI during the Hiyanglam bye-poll.

He also demanded a clarification on the disqualification case against K Sarat and I Ibohalbi of the Trinamool Congress.

He further continued that it is unfortunate that it was reported yesterday that fire crackers were blasted in his constituency yesterday following the disqualification verdict.


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