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Dissident Cong MLA Biren unhappy with govt approach to Dzuko issue

IMPHAL, May 23: Congress MLA from Heingang constituency has said that if there is no governance in the State`™s hill districts, we cannot claim to be maintaining the territorial integrity of Manipur.

The MLA was speaking at the 29th Foundation day celebration of the North Imphal Development & Sporting Union today at Luwangshangbam Makha Leikai.

If the State fails to punish anti-socials who create nuisance in the State, then it is not an indication of good governance, he continued.

Everyone, including the government is aware of the land encroachment issue at Dziiko (Dzuko) valley and Koziirii, however, no action has been taken up so far, Biren rued.

He said even the concern Senapati DC has continued to remain silent on the issue.

Knowingly or unknowingly, the DC has failed to take up any action, he said adding further that it is quite unfortunate and dissatisfactory that the State`™s leaders and authorities have failed to take up action against the official.

Asserting that the DC has failed to perform his official duty, Biren said the government and the concerned authorities should take appropriate action against the DC.

The Congress MLA, who was a minister in the previous Congress-led government in the State expressing deep remorse said he is still with the ruling party and very much a part of the government but is powerless to contribute his mite to resolving these crisis situations faced by the state today.

He said he has been severely handicapped since he is no more in the decision making unit of the government. Biren also added that during his stint in the government, he had acted for the welfare of the people and the State.

The people are fully aware of whether we are moving ahead or going backwards when a neighbouring States have knowingly intruded upon the State`™s territory inspite of the presence of a State government, he said.

He also said that it is disgraceful that the State capital has been ranked 32 out of 1300 cities of the world in the index of cities at `extreme risk`™ of a terrorist attack.

Further raising his concerned over claims of development imbalance between the hills and the valley districts, he said such claims have been raised due to the incapability of the concerned authorities to properly utilize the funds to bring development in the hills.

At the same time, certain individuals with vested interest continue to loot the government sanctioned funds for development, Biren continued.

Meanwhile, floral tributes were also offered before portraits of departed members of the North Imphal Development & Sporting Union.



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