E-Naga summit held in Kohima


Kohima, May 28, 2015: With a vision to embark on a process to instill the spirit of innovation and use of technology for impacting positive change in the society with target audience comprising of students, entrepreneurs, NGOs, government departments and industry professionals, E-Naga Summit was held in Kohima.

The summit is an initiative of the Nagaland department of Information Technology and Communication, in collaboration with the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) and it is being held under the theme ‘Ideas and Solutions to transform North East India through Information Communication Technology’.

Nagaland Chief Minister T. R. Zeliang said information technology and electronic media is playing a major role in building a knowledge led economy and India is looking at North Eastern State to boost economic growth.

“We have hardly experienced the local industrial revolution and it is now time for us to use IT for delivering government services and promote e-governance to balance the peculiar situation in which we are place,”

the CM conveyed through his inaugural address which was read out by the State Chief Secretary Pankaj Kumar in his absent.

The CM expressed happiness that the department of IT&C is making all out effort to the extent of organising the e-Naga summit which will surely help the state to adapt to the changing situation.

He expressed hope that someday, Nagaland which is known as the land of festival will also be known as the land of e-Governance.

According to PTI, state Minister for Information Technology and Communication, Paiwang Konyak said that summit will showcase the importance of e-Governance and information communication technology in bringing about a visible socio-economic change in the society.

He also asserted that his department would work for the youth and disadvantaged people while also creating employment and business opportunities for the educated youths and entrepreneurs.

The summit was also marked with the signing of Memorandum of Understanding between the State Government and the Software Technology Parks of India to establish a software park in Kohima and Dimapur.

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