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NIPCO to support Mao Council

IMPHAL, May 18: The National Identity Protection Committee (NIPCO) has said that it will support the agitations taken up by Mao Council in case the government does not furnish the blue print of the steps taken up regarding the acquisition of a part of Dzuko Valley allegedly by Nagaland.

According to a release of NIPCO, it condemned the construction work taken up by the Southern Angami Naga People`™s Organization of seizing part of the Dzuko Valley and deviating the course of the river.

There have been various issues pertaining to the boundary between the two states such as burning of huts and beating of Maryland villagers of Jessami village by indigenous people of Nagaland. It has demanded the Chief Minister of Manipur to give an explanation for keeping mum on the issue, it said.

The committee expressed their gratitude towards the members of Mao Council for protecting the boundary. The committee will support any actions taken up by the Mao council, it said.



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