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Pallel firing issue resolved as committees reach peace agreement

The meeting held in connection with the Pallel Firing incient.
The meeting held in connection with the Pallel Firing incient.

IMPHAL, May 24: The JAC formed against the Pallel firing incident and the Aimol Peace Committee have arrived to a peace agreement in connection with the incident during a meeting held today at Sana Konung.

The agreement was signed in the presence of titular king Leishemba Sanajaoba who is also the Chairman of Sana Konung.

The meeting was jointly organised by Umang Lai Kangba Apungba Lup (UKAL); Aimol Peace Committee and Pallel JAC.

During the meeting, father of one of the culprits involved in the firing apologised in front of Leishemba Sanajaoba, family members of the victims and also to all the people of the state for the sinful act committed by his son.

The father said that the unfortunate incident was not intentional or pre-planned or disrespecting the custom but it was due to an argument amongst some youths.

He also expressed his humble apology and asked for forgiveness to the families of the deceased and the injured victims and also assured that such incident would not happen again in future.

The agreement resolved that the culprits involved in the firing which killed a devotee should be punished according to the law; families of the victims should be provided ex-gratia by the government; culture, custom and tradition of Pallel and Aimol be respected by each other.

In the agreement, the two committees came to conclusion that if such incident occurs in future then people of Pallel and Aimol should be held responsible equally.

To observe the death anniversary of Moirangthem Gopal who was killed in the firing in every coming years; participation of people of Pallel and Aimol in the observation; Aimol Peace Committee to compensate the items which were vandalized in the Lai Haraoba site on May 5 and hand over it to the Custom Authority of Sana Konung and tender of apology by the culprits including their family members to the people through media are some of the terms included in the peace agreement.



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