Manipur Music and Arts festival – Where have all the flowers gone?


A three-day-long (1st to 3rd of May 2015)  ‘music and arts festival’ was organised in the Andhro village in Manipur, where many folk musicians came together at one platform to spread awareness about the importance of protecting the environment amongst people.

‘Where have all the flowers gone?’ was the theme of the festival.

“In Manipur we hardly have a platform for a youth at the same time it’s a festival about the environment which is very much decaying so we the youth gather together and trying to do something for ourselves to get platform at the same time for the cause of environment and bringing awareness to the people,” said Akhu Chingangbam, the organiser for the festival.

People planted trees and plants to mark the event organised with the commemoration of the 96th birth anniversary of the US folk singer and activist, Pete Seeger.

Photo credit: Deepak Shijagurumayum

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