Zeliang wants NPF to understand importance of opposition-less government

Chief Minister TR Zeliang arriving at IG Stadium for NPF General Convention
Chief Minister TR Zeliang arriving at IG Stadium for NPF General Convention


KOHIMA, Apr 30 (NEPS): Nagaland Chief Minister TR Zeliang said, “Reconciliation is the most significant indication of life’s maturity as countries across the globe often appoint ‘Truth and Reconciliation’ Commission for rebuilding rapport between communities divided by conflict.”

Addressing the NPF General Convention at IG Stadium Thursday, the Chief Minister said, “When we realize what is the truth, then reconciliation becomes possible.”

Requesting party men and women to search their hearts to find the truth as a method for reconciliation, Zeliang explained that in the process of reconciliation, every field had its own rule and guideline. “Let us take an example of athletics (running race). If one runs outside the track, whether one comes first or last, he or she will be disqualified at the finishing point,” he reminded. “Therefore, let us be on the right track and do our best for the people.”

He said NPF was not only the oldest party but also the strongest and the most consistent regional party in the North East region. At present, the party was the only ruling regional party in the region excluding Sikkim, holding aloft the torch of “regionalism” in the region, he reminded and further informed that they were the only government in the region aligning with the BJP-led NDA government at the Center.


Stretching of their firm commitment to pave way and even if necessary, for an alternative arrangement to usher in peace and final resolution of the Naga political issue, Zeliang said, “It is with a view to strengthen our collective efforts towards this goal, that we even open to the idea of a consensus government, or opposition-less government in the state.” “I want all our party men to understand this,” he said.


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