Congress candidate celebrates victory


KANGPOKPI, June 20: Triumphant Congress candidate of 10-Gamnom Sapormeina district council constituency Lunthang Haokip has today celebrated his victory in the recently concluded 5th ADC Election 2015 at the Church Hall in L. Khomunnom village.

Presentation and passing on good wishes to the candidates apart from thanksgiving and blessing were the main highlight of the function which was attended by various chiefs, social workers and church leaders where Rev. Mangpithang Haokip, Pastor, KBC Circle No.4 graced the occasion as Blessing Minister.

Visibly excited Lunthang Haokip while speaking at the function has said that the recently concluded ADC election was much tougher than the previous one while a lot have been initiated by the state Government in exercising the people’s franchise rights in the election competition which has been much more democratic than in the previous election.

“It is the blessing of God and secondly the love and trust of the people as well as the party humble support and cooperation which gave me success in the election”, said the INC candidate who was re-elected for the term in the constituency.

Earlier, Lunthang Haokip was elected uncontested from 10-Gamnom Sapormeina and inducted into Executive Member of ADC Sadar Hills with a responsibility of Medical and Vety. Department.

The jubilant INC candidate continued that he has no enmity towards the people who voted for him and who have not because of his main ideology in election is principally based on party system and now it was his humble duty to work for the people as a whole during his tenure.

The INC candidate also thanked the election committee apart from many others individuals who physically, mentally and in prayer helped him succeed in the competition.

Ecstatic as well as emotional Hatnu, wife of the triumphant INC candidate while expressing her gratitude towards the people for their support and cooperation made an offering for the thanksgiving and blessing ceremony of the function.

Three polling stations under 10-Gamnom Sapormeina DCC where INC got the highest votes were awarded handsomely according to wish of the candidate.

Kuki Gospel artiste Jenny Touthang, Boikim Haokip, Neopi and Chonminlal Doungel including Male Voice Team, Salem Sapormeina enthralled the crowd during the function with their melodious voice.

A jubilant feast marked the occasion.


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