Girl helps rescue injured animal; veterinary hospital defunct


By Paojel Chaoba

IMPHAL, June 13: If you come across an injured animal in the streets, the general reaction is to think that it is a sad event and generally walk past the harmed being. However, not all people are alike and there is one among the crowd that just do not show concern, but rather act on it.

Dr Devkishore (Claws and Paws of Keishampat), Neha and volunteers of PFA giving emergency treatment to the injured cow at a farm in Langol. (Pic source: PFA)

One such person is Rajkumari Neha, a 12 standard student of North Point School. She was driving along Uripok Kangchup road to buy medicine, when their vehicle beam flashed on a cow lying bloodied near the road crossing of Uripok Khaidem Leikai. The cow`™s mammalary gland was torn apart (an earth mover had struck the cow with the teeth of the vehicle and drove away.) The scene was more poignant as a month old calf was braying for its mother to get up.

Neha decided to act on the situation and went to the local electronic cable channel, IS Tv to report the incident as the owner may come forward.

She was replied that it was too late for the telecast since it was almost 10.30 pm and the technical team had left. Undeterred, she went to two local newspapers to put an advertisement and was carried so today.

However, as the owner failed to turn up, Neha decide that the minutes were mattering and the cow`™s injury could turn fatal if left untreated. She called up friends and a relative of hers who owns a cargo vehicle. Then, with the help of people from the accident spot, the injured animal along with the calf were hauled up the vehicle and taken to the State Veterinary Department at Sanjenthong at around 10.30 am today. There, the staff told the team to wait and that the doctor would be arriving any minute. But, despite waiting for one hour and more, no doctor came nor was any emergency medical treatment given at the animal hospital. As the animal was severely bleeding, the wait would lead to certain death for the animal. So, the team got in touch with Dr. Devkishore, who runs a private veterinary clinic called `Claws and Paws`™at Keisampat area.

Today , the doctor was looking after his farm located at Meitei Langol, Game Village. The People for Animals, Manipur (PFA) also got in touch with Neha Rajkumari and together took the animal to the said farm. On arrival, the doctor who was planning a Saturday lunch with friends dropped everything and gave emergency treatment to the cow. Oxygen and anesthesia was administered along with intravenous saline solutions to prevent dehydration. The udder of the cow which was falling out was stitched again. The entire operation took nearly three hours to complete . It was a testing time for the PFA volunteers , Neha and the doctor. Finally, the operation was over at approximately 4 pm.

The cow was given fodder and water, it could not rise to its feet immediately but regained strength to sit up and eat. Nearby, the month old calf hidden from view of its mother also lay exhausted, as it could not nourish for more than 40 hours. As a PFA volunteer went upto it, the startled calf sprang to its feet and started to bellow! At that time, the mother heard the sound and also cried back to be reunited with her offspring but could not get up. It was a touching moment for all the people that present at that time. Dr Devkisore exclaimed that the reaction of the mother was a good sign and there is every hope of a speedy recovery. The injured animal would be looked after at the Langol farm till full recovery is made, the doctor added.

`The medicine and other materials are provided free of cost by the doctor from his own pocket for the treatment,` PFA managing trustee, L Bishorjit said. The profits which comes from the doctor`™s private clinic is used to treat animals in need. Bisorjit complained that it is the duty of the Imphal Municipal Council to impound the stray animals let loose in the municipal area. However, there is no heed for the law and IMC turns a blind eye to the stray animals, which endangers animal and public alike.

Neha Rk also mentioned that without the help of PFA and the doctor, the animal would have died for sure. She asked the role of Veterinary Department and the animal hospital, `I am doubtful whether the doctors really care to treat animals, perhaps they feel that `animals should be treated as animals`™ as they cannot voice their plight, ` she said.

The pertinent question is what the State Veterinary Department is actually doing ? The matter has been advertised in the papers and suo moto action could have been taken up. But, even when the injured animal was taken to the treatment centre, no medical aid was given nor did any doctor arrive. The best result is the exemplary initiative taken by a young girl and with her determination helped to save the life of a cow and her calf.

Sources mentioned that requesting calls came from authorities of the State Veterinary Department not to disclose this matter to the media.


  1. Brings back fond memories of cries of calves, chirps of li’l birds calling out to their mothers. Such days are long bygones, rare to be seen these days.

  2. I’m moved by the compassion of that girl. Such stories are a ray of light among the endless news of plight and violence occurring each passing day.
    Hope the authorities take it as a wake up call. How long should we tolerate such defunct departments and civic bodies.


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