JAC on Kadangband killing warns intense agitation


KANGPOKPI, Jun.17: The Joint Action Committee on brutal killings of Khupneilal Neihsiel and Robert Hesei Kipgen has warned today to launch intense form of agitation if the state Government fails to furnish the Magisterial Inquiry report within a week time.

In connection with this the HAC today submitted a memorandum to Chief Minister O. Ibobi Singh demanding his intervention to table the Magisterial Inquiry report within a week time.

The representation signed by the JAC Convener Thangminlen Haokip and Lunmang, General Secretary said that the Government had constituted a magisterial inquiry over the alleged fake encounter killing one innocent civilian and one officer of armed organization KNF vide order No.20/1(13)/2013-H(LC)/Pt dated 31st January 2015.

However, the concerned authority has not table the report despite repeated assurances even though the inquiry committee had already finished conducting spot investigation, interview of witnesses, forensic investigation and other requirements continued the two leaders of the JAC in the representation.

It further said that the Government had assured to finish the inquiry within 3 months but nearly 5 months have passed now while adding that the delay in furnishing the report has now aroused suspicion and apprehension among the people while taking strong exception of this state of affairs the JAC including the Kuki civil bodies consider it as justice denied.

The people have placed their trust in the Government to establish the truth even though the incident was a fake encounter which is very much evident further added the representation.

Recounting the incident, it also said that on that fateful day the 8 AR personnel waylaid the car of the KNF men under SoO and shot them without any provocation while an innocent Khupneilal Neihsiel, s/o (L) Lallam Neihsiel of Kangchup Chingkhong vehicle was forcibly taken along with him by the KNF men in the milieu.

It continued that the deceased civilian was the village authority secretary and at the same time was the vice president of Kuki Inpi Twibul Lhang while Robert Hesei Kipgen on the other hand was the Central Administrative Officer (CAO) of an armed organization KNF which is under SoO with state and central Government.

Therefore, the killing of the CAO was uncalled for, added the representation.

Demanding the state Government to furnished the magisterial inquiry report within one week to established the true nature of the encounter so as to ensure that the guilty are punished as per the law the two leaders of the JAC warned that if the Government fails to furnish the report within one week we will be compelled to launch intense form of agitation.


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