Only three Opposition MLAs in attendance as House passes six demands


IMPHAL, June 30: On the third day of the ongoing 11th session of the 10th Manipur Legislative Assembly today, the House passed six demands amounting to Rs 11,92,38,15,000 during Discussion and Voting on Demands for Grants, 2015-16 with just three Opposition MLAs in attendance.

The demands passed by the House today are Demand no 1 State Legislature amounting to Rs 48,05,16,000; demand no 2 Council of Minister Rs 6,71,66,00; Demand no 3 – Secretariate & GAD Rs 75,62,99,000; Demand no 5 Finance Rs 1016,23,65,000 and Demand no 41 Arts & Culture Rs 29,66,44,000 and Demand no 49 Economics and Statistics Rs 16,08,25,000.

The demands were tabled for discussion by Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh who is also the leader of the House.

During discussion of the demand for Council of Ministers, Opposition MLAs L Ibomcha and K Shyam raised motion of Disapproval of Policy Cut on `Lack of supervision and control of bureaucrats, failure to streamline functioning of their duties in the interest of the State and lack of co-operation from the ministers.`™

MLA Ibomcha also raised a motion of Disapproval of Policy Cut during discussion of Demand no 3-Secretariate & GAD on `Failure to control and supervise slow movement of files in Manipur Secretariate, non introduction of system of self attestation of documents for use in the official purpose like- school admission, recruitment etc and failure to supply standard food, fit for human consumption in the two canteens of Manipur Bhawans, New Delhi.`™

The Opposition MLA also raised motion of Disapproval of Policy Cut during discussion of Demand no 5- Finance on `Failure to introduce effective economy measures, inadequate fund has been provided in the State budget for augmentation of potable water supply in urban areas and thereby causing scarcity of drinking water in the urban areas for the last several years, failure of the department to adopt a policy on strengthening of the State Finance Commission, failure to strengthen the policy on resource mobilization and inability to collect sufficient revenue from the border trade at Moreh (Indo-Myanmar Border Trade).`™

MLAs K Shyam and Dr I Ibohalbi Singh raised motion of Disapproval of Policy Cut during discussion of Demand no 41 `“ Arts & Culture on `Non-implementation of Manipur Public Library Act, 1988 and Failure to adopt a cultural policy even though `Cultural University`™ is about to be established.`™

During discussion of the Demand no 49 `“ Economics & Statistics Dr Ibohalbi raised motion of Disapproval of Policy Cut on `failure to restore the publication of the Pre-Budget Economic Review and failure to prepare district handbooks.`™

However, after the leader of the House Ibobi who also holds the Finance portfolio provided clarifications on the policy cuts, the Opposition MLAs withdrew their motions and the demands were passed by the House.


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