RPF belittles SF claim on damaging militant camps



Amunitions and Megazines recovered by RPF
Amunitions and Megazines recovered by RPF


IMPHAL, June 10: The proscribed Revolutionary People`™s Front (RPF), refuting the claim made by `Indian Occupational Forces`™ (IOF) on inflicting serious damage to militant camps inside Myanmar territory besides human casualties, was a cheap propaganda.

A statement issued by Roben Khuman, secretary publicity RPF, conceded that on June 9 morning around 7 am, IOF attacked an OP mobile camp of the outfit`™s armed wing People`™s Liberation Army (PLA) in the interior part Ukhrul bordering Myanmar.

Some of the IOF crossed over the border while some from the border initially attacked a sentry post. However, the IOF were forced to retreat following stiff resistance from the side of the PLA, it said.

It further claimed that the outfit found blood stains besides recovering magazine containing full lives round when combed the area in the aftermath of the gun fight.

Stating that the attack occurred only at the PLA mobile camp, it said that the reports of inflicting serious human casualties to the militant as claimed by top brass of IOF during the cross-border strike was a cheap propaganda, it said adding that `The IOF has failed to tell the truth and misled the Indian people`.

It further appealed the people of Manipur not to believe in such lies.


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