Sharmila flown to Delhi for court appearance

Irom sharmila
Irom sharmila

IMPHAL, June 4: Anti-AFSPA crusader Irom Chanu Sharmila was flown to the national capital to make an appearance at Patiala House Court today.

She was accompanied by a doctor, two nurses, an assistant jailer, a lady warden, a sub inspector and a constable.

Sharmila along with her team boarded the 9:45 am Indigo flight at the Tulihal Airport.

Speaking to media persons before leaving the JNIMS compound where she is placed in a special cell under judicial custody, Sharmila said AFSPA has already been lifted from Tripura, because the government there is sensitive to the desire of the public and works for them.

Whereas in Manipur, the government is more of a commercial polity, she said.

Sharmila also charged the government of benefiting several crores of funds in the name of anti-terrorism.

Voicing her concern against the AFSPA, Sharmila said after Manipur`™s forced merger to the Indian Union, the Constitution of India in an effort to control the small State seems to have given `Licence to Kill`™ even to the junior security personnel.

She further lamented that she was denied a meeting with the Home Minister on the ground that she was a judicial under trial.

Sharmila said there has been multiple amendments to the Constitution of India, then why can`™t it be amended one more time to address the issue of atrocities committed by the IOF in the smaller States like Manipur.


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