Devotees brave rain to attend Govindajee Rath Yatra


IMPHAL, July 19: The nine-day long Hindu festival Rath Yatra began on July 18 with the main event being the pulling of chariot of Lord Jagabonshu, Ballabradha and their sister Shubadra.

The biggest event was witnessed at the Palace Compound outside the Shri Govindaji Temple where the idols of the gods were brought out for the devotees.

Hundreds of devotees braved the rain on Saturday to attend the Govindaji temple Rath Yatra.

The gods were placed on the Rath which the devotees pulled upto the Palace Gates and back again.

The Govindajee Temple Rath Yatra marked the beginning of the festival following which smaller chariots were taken out in the local leikais also.

The festival will end on July 26.


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