Human chains and sit-ins mark ILPS demand agitation

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Students of Waikhom Mani Girls College form a human chain along the Impha-Moreh Highway in support of ILPS.

IMPHAL, July 22: Agitations demanding implementation of the Inner Line Permit System in the State and punishment for the police personnel involved in the death of student Sapam Robinhood continued at several places in the State today.

As part of the movement, Meitei pangals of Andro constituency today staged a sit in protest and later formed a human chain at the Yairipok Azad bazaar.

The agitators also observed a one-minute silence in memory of Late Sapam Robinhood.

The agitation was jointly organised by the Tulihal Educated Association, SDYO, TMWA, IYDO, Ningthounai Youth Organisation, local clubs of Changamdabi and Laikol Muslim clubs.

President of the Tulihal Educated Association, Md Thoiba said the people fully support the demand for implementation of the ILPS in the State.

Now that Ramadan- the holy month fasting is over, we will come out in full support of the demand, he said.

He further urged the government to stop neglecting people`s demand until there is a death and deploying delay tactics.

He asked whether the government would not have withdrawn the bill, if there were no incidents of death or people getting injured during the movement.

Taking a week`s time just for the formation of a Drafting Committee is akin to showing disrespect to the public movement, he said.

Several local leaders also spoke on the ILPS during the protest.

Agitators also shouted slogans demanding implementation of the ILPS in the State and action against the police personnel involved in the death of Robinhood.

They also shouted that there is no peace in Manipur.

The sit in protest was also participated by students of Azad High School, Antartic English School and Model Kids Centre all located in Yairipok Tulihal.

Meira paibis groups and local youth clubs of Tentha area also sit in protest at the Tentha Multiplex complex and later took out a rally starting from Tentha Khongbal Leikai.

Students of local schools like United English School, Oxford English School, Model English School.

During the protest demonstration, the protestors demanded amending the Constitution if it is required in order to implement the ILPS in the State and to punish the police personnel involved in the death of the student Robinhood.

Students of Waikhom Mani Girls College, Thoubal also formed a human chain on Imphal-Moreh national highway.

Meira paibis of Nongangkhong also staged a sit in protest at the Thoubal Ningthou Lai haraobung, while students of Pole Star School also formed a human chain showing support to the ongoing ILPS movement.

NNN adds: Today residents of Khurai Sajor Leikai formed a mob and stopped traffic movement in Imphal-Ukhrul road.

Since early morning, people of the locality came out out and blocked the road.

They said they will continue blocking the road until the state government implements ILPS in Manipur.

Vehicles coming along the road from both sides were made to turn back.

At Lamlong Bazar too, women vendors of the market staged a sit-in-protest wearing black badges in demand of the ILP system and punishment to those security personnel who were responsible for the death of student Sapam Robinhood. Similar protests were also held at Nambol Hao Keithel, Haobam Marak and many other areas.

Many women of Uripok area also demanded implementation of ILP system in Manipur by staging a sit-in-protest beneath the Uripok Flyover Bridge.

Members of 12 major transporter organisations today staged a sit-in-protest demanding the implementation of ILP system in Manipur. The protest was held at Keishampat Leimajam Leikai area on the side of Tiddim Road. The members announced to support the on-going agitation by stopping their services on July 24 from 4 am to 6 pm.

The transporters strongly condemned the brutal killing of Sapam Robinhood by the state forces.

Announcing that they will support the actions of the JCILPS and JAC of Robinhood, they also demanded the state government to implement ILP system in Manipur and to punish those personnel who killed Robinhood as per law accordingly.

Those who attended in the protest today appealed all the drivers, truckers and transporters of the state to support and join in the cease-work strike of July 24.


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