Hunter believed to be dead returns home


LAMKA, July 21: In what will be marked as a red letter day in the household of Mr and Mrs Daniel of Pherzwal Village in Thanlon sub-division, their second son who had been long declared dead and his last rites performed after he failed to return home from a hunting trip on June 29, suddenly turned up at their home.

25 year old Roouthingsei had gone out on June 29 on a hunting trip and failed to return home. The next day, his worried father looked for him but couldn`™t find him.

The father informed the villagers and a massive manhunt was launched in the areas of Pherzawl, Bukpi, Loibual, Damdai, Tinsung and other areas.

The hunt continued for seven days but Roouthingsei remained traceless.

Since Roouthingsei could not be found, the family took him to be dead and conducted his funeral at Pherzawl Village as per the customary law.

But as fate would have it, on July 17, a hunter from Tinsung Village found him in a very weak state inside a jungle.

Family members said that the hunter found him in such a state that he was unable to even stand up, but at the same time he was conscious. He was also found holding his hunting gun.

The hunter finding it hard to carry Routhingsei back on his own had called his friends and other villagers to assist him.

Routhingsei was taken to the Churachandpur District Hospital during the midnight of July 18. He is still getting treatment at the hospital.

Family members also said that Routhingsei had survived the whole time by eating raw bamboo shoots growing in the area.

Speaking to this IFP correspondent, Routhingsei`™s elder brother Lalhmingthang said Routhingsei was once bitten by a snake in 2003 and ever since then he has been having occasional seizures and it was one such seizure that had weakened him and loss consciousness.

It now seems when he woke up, he was too weak to move himself and had to stay there in wait for help to arrive, the relieved brother said.

He continued eating only the raw bamboo shoots had injured his intestines but he is recuperating and on his way to recovery, the brother continued.

Meanwhile, wife of the Thanlon MLA Mrs Vungzagin and the MDC Lalmangpui had visited him at the hospital.

The family has also received help from several other individuals.

Lalhmingthang also thanked the villagers of the area, Village Authorities, MDC, MLA and others who have helped in their family`™s time of misfortune.

Doctors said Routhingsei seems to be regaining health, and they conducting proper investigations at the moment.

He said surviving on only the raw bamboo shoots had taken its toll and hopefully he will get better with time.


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