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MSAD and CPDM condemned Wuzu massacre

We Condemn the Wuzu Massacre of July 16, 2015

Solidarity to Kohima Rally against AFSPA, July 23, 2015

MSAD and CPDM Letter to the Naga Students’ Federation.

July 2015

Dear Friends,

At the very outset, we, the undersigned, condemn the Wuzu Massacre in Nagaland, on July 16, 2015, perpetrated by the combined forces of the Assam Rifles and Para Commandos. On that unfortunate day; baby Aso (13 years old) and master Tiizali (14 years old) were killed, Mrs. Esther Jorror (24 years old) was bullet injured, properties were destroyed, and the Wuzu village was inflicted with prolong psychological trauma. Having gone through the ground report prepared by the Naga Students’ Federation and the Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights, we strongly condemn the misinformation propaganda that attempted to cover up the inhumane crimes that were mercilessly perpetrated on the innocent people of Wuzu Village.

Simultaneously, we extend our solidarity to the proposed Kohima Rally against the Armed Forces Special Powers Act 1958, scheduled to be held on 23 July 2015, under the initiatives of the Naga Students’ Federation. For several decades, ever since the Indian State took over on the Nagas, the progressive sections amongst the Nagas have been raising democratic voices with the hope to achieve a National Democratic Revolution. The response of the Indian State have been militaristic and divisive. The Indian State in collusion with the local reactions have been unleashing a reign of terror, to suppress the Naga democratic voices. It went side by side militaristic capitalist intrusion, that is, extraction of ‘super profit’ from the Naga resources, trade routes, markets, and labour. This unjust war, buttressed by the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, have been responsible for the subjugations, oppressions, coercions, disturbances, insecurities, and confusions amongst the larger bulk of the Nagas.

We extend our solidarity, because, we think that the ‘global’ character of capital inflows and extraction of surplus values in various forms, carried out through unleashing State terrorism (militarisation), affected peoples across community and territorial boundaries. The neighbouring small communities and territories in the Indo-Myanmar regions are economically and geographically closely interconnected to one another in such a manner that neither one can flourish without the rest nor the rests are immune from any destructive policy that affected one community or territory. This tendency have been historically proven during the British colonial period, the World Wars, and the ongoing onslaught by the big capitalist forces. Therefore, there is always the need to encourage one another in the democratic struggles, learn from each other’s experiences, and build up coordination and unity. We uphold the principles: “Divided We Fall, United We Win” and “People United Will Never Be Defeated”.

Solidarity to the leadership of the Naga Students’ Federation on the occasion of the Kohima Rally against AFSPA, on July 23, 2015.

Long live peoples’ democratic movement.

Long live people’s democracy.



Priyobata Irengbam

Manipur Students’ Association Delhi


Manishwar Nongmaithem

Campaign for Peace & Democracy (Manipur)

July 22, 2015.




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