National Highways in State present pathetic pictures of misery, agonises Sadar Hills CSOs


KANGPOKPI, July 23: Sadar Hills Civil Society Organizations including Kuki Inpi Sadar Hills, KSO Sadar Hills, TSA Sadar Hills and KWU Sadar Hills today expressed deep concerned over the depilated road condition of National Highways in the state.

Speaking to media person this evening at Kangpokpi Sadar Hills CSOs secretary Information Lamcha Chongloi said that it has been a matter of great concern to the public of the Manipur that the disgraceful condition of National Highways in State are still not satisfactory to give a hassle free smooth riding presenting a perfect pathetic picture of untold miseries of the commuters as well as laissez-faire attitude of the concerned contractors while tendering in a much low rates quoted to get the works.

He continued that there may be numerous reasons for the concern PWD and BRO to explain why the National Highways in the State do not resemble those in other States.

However, to the non technical general public the main reason for the sorry state of National Highways in Manipur is the improper execution of the sanctioned works and unrefined maintenance of the highways, further added Lamcha Chongloi.

He also said that it is evidently visible to the public that PWD/BRO is not taking up any prompt action to mend the potholes when they are small and not financially a burden to the concerned departments.

The Sadar Hills CSOs secretary Information further said it is to everyone`™s knowledge that quality as well as quantity is not stringently adhered to during implementation of any works under PWD, BRO and PMGSY in any part of the State.

Sadar Hills CSOs in its endeavour towards improvement of the condition of roads in Manipur has been taking up the matter very seriously and it came to its notice that the much low rates quoted by the contractors while trying to get the works at the time of tendering is one of the major factor for the improper execution of work asserted Lamcha Chongloi while adding that this is because the supervision staff also fails to strictly maintain quality control measures over the contractors during the execution works.

Consequently, the public are losing their valuable money at the behest of the Engineers and the contractors Lamcha Chongloi added.

Therefore, the CSOs in Sadar Hills appeals to the prospective tenderers of National Highways not to quoted unreasonably low rates to get the works in future while urging the engineers of PWD/BRO to properly supervise the work irrespective of the rates quoted by the contractors.

While resolving to firmly supervise any new work taken up on National Highways to ensure the contractors and engineers are not making fool of the public Sadar Hills CSOs also cautioned that any contractors who obtained any works programme through low rates tendering will not be allowed to execute the works programme so as to avoid low quality maintenance.


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