Rongmei Phuam, AMN and Manipur Muslim Welfare Organisation demonstrate full support to ILPS movement


IMPHAL, July 21: Showing support to the present movement for implementation of the Inner Line Permit System in the State, the Rongmei Phuam, Assam, Manipur Nagaland, Grace Colony Women Meira Paibi, G Youth Club and the Tarung Auto Drivers`™ Association jointly staged a sit-in protest and later took out a rally in Tarung areas today.

Speaking to the media persons Panti Gonmei, President Rongmei Lu Phuam AMN said that all the 17 different communities residing in Tarung areas fully support the demand for Inner Line Permit System in the State and will continue to do so until the popular demand of the public is met with.

She further said that the State government should protect the interest of the people of Manipur by implementing the Inner Line Permit in the State.

Meanwhile, during the sit in protest and the rally, the protestors held placards and shouted slogans demanding implementation of the ILPS or a similar legislation at the earliest and to punish the police personnel involved in the death of Sapam Robinhood.

The protestors later formed a human chain.

Meanwhile, the Manipur Muslim Welfare Organisation (MMWO) also staged a sit-in protest and later formed a human chain demanding ILPS in the State at Hatta near Public Hospital.

Speaking to media persons, P Abdullah, president MMWO said that it is the sole responsibility of the government to protect the people of the State.

Highlighting that the government is also responsible for all the turmoil in the State, he said the government would have never allowed such hardships to fall on its people if it was concerned at all about the people.

He further demanded the government to find a mechanism to meet the demands of the people.

He also said MMWO will also continue to support the demand till it is fulfilled.


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