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State journalist to attend SAMSN Digital Campaign Skill Training

IMPHAL, July 23: International Federation of Journalist Asia Pacific has selected senior journalist of Poknapham S Sonia to attend the SAMSN Digital Campaign Skill Training which is going to be held in Colombo, Sri Lanka from July 27 to 28.a

Notably, S Sonia has become the first woman journalist in the country to be selected by the federation for attending the training.

Addressing a press meet at Manipur Press Club here today, president of AMWJU W Shamjai informed that Sonia who is the convener of AMWJU Gender Cell is also the Regional Coordinator, Gender Cell of International Federation of Journalist.

Extending gratitude to IFJ for selecting Sonia to represent India in the training, he said that she will highlight various problems being faced by journalists of the country mainly of the state during the training.

Vice-president of AMWJU Ratan Luwang who was also present at the meet said that Sonia was also selected as North East Gender Cell In-Charge of Indian Journalists`™ Union (IJU) after AMWJU affiliated to the union.

He further said that Sonia was selected as the Regional Co-ordinator Gender Cell of IFJ as IJU is a constituent body of the federation.

Journey and accommodation expenditure for Sonia will be borne by IFJ, he added.

Informing that IFJ South Asia Coordinator, Ujjwal Acharya will conduct the two-day training aimed at providing direction and strategy in the design of digital campaign for national and sub-regional campaigns across the SAMN networks, he said that by the end of training, the participants will formulate a strategic digital campaign plan for media in South Asia.

AMWJU handed over a sum of Rs 5000 to Sonia to be used in her journey. She will leave Imphal on July 25 in Jet Airways.

On the other hand, general secretary of AMWJU Jit Ningomba informed that the Human Rights Law Network (HRLN); Indian Women Press Corps; Delhi Union of Journalist; Press Club of India and Mumbai Press Club have invited intending state journalists for attending and speaking in the National Consultation on Media Freedom & the Law to be held at Press Club of India, New Delhi from August 8 to 9.

He further informed that journalists willing to attend the national consultation may contact SM Atiqui Mobin through his mobile number 09973227603 or see the details in the notice board of AMWJU.



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