Are you smart enough to understand energy?


By: Yumnam Devjit

The biggest challenge about writing this article is not the science; instead it’s how to make a boring topic like energy interesting to people.

Sit back and just think how much money you spend on energy, buying petrol, buying LPG, paying the electricity bill. How much of the money you earn goes into energy bills. Quite a lot!  What if energy was free? Will money lose its place in society? Even if you buy goods (not energy), a good portion of its price goes for the cost of the energy used to produce it. Free energy would indeed reduce the cost of goods. So is free energy a bad thing? No, I don’t think so. Free energy would make everyone richer as you have more money to buy things. And the strangle hold that money has on our lives will loosen.

Then why don’t we have a free energy system? Why does energy have to cost so much? We look for answers and turn to our scientist and engineers. And arguably they give us the reply. We cannot have free energy because we cannot generate energy from “thin air”.  Energy has to be mined from coal mines, pumped from oil fields, harvested from solar power plants, wind turbines and nuclear reactors. So we listen with our ears and see it with our eyes and think with our nose and say, OK. And give up all our hard earned money to pay for energy. Give away your brains too, because you are not using any of it, nor are the so called scientist and engineers.

If you do not want your brains to become a vestigial organ then fire it up. Put some life into those nerve cells and re imagine a time of your life when your mind was pure and unconditioned to nonsense. School days! Did you ever come across the law of conservation of energy? What did it say? Did it say energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, but it transforms from one form to another. This is basic science no argument about it. It’s a proven fact.

Correct me if I am wrong. I think this means that nobody or no company or no government can create energy, nor can they destroy it. Right?  So energy is not like a piece of art which is created by an artist. Energy has neither creator nor destroyer. So how can anyone own energy? If nobody owns energy then why are you paying for it? It’s a bit like water, can anyone own water? Did anyone create water? Does the amount of water on earth become less because you used some of it? Whatever water there is, there is! Likewise, whatever energy there is, there is! And when you use it you don’t destroy it.

The term renewable and non renewable energy is misleading. The very nature of energy is renewable; there is no point in thinking otherwise. Either you use 1 joule or 1 million joules of energy it does not change the amount of energy in existence.

Let me give you another example. Let’s say you are driving a car. You go from point A to B and consume 1 liter of petrol. In the process whatever energy there was in the chemicals of the petrol is converted into kinetic energy of the car. This kinetic energy in turn gets converted into frictional energy of air being displaced by the car in motion and ultimately ends up as thermal energy in the air.

The science is there but the technology isn’t. Nobody has come up with an engine that can run on the energy from “thin air”. Or somebody did and was covered up by some secret govt. organization because it will undermine the control of money over people. Well I don’t know!

But this is what I know.

The holy grail of free energy science is an above unity engine. An engine that produces more energy than it consumes. Nobody has made such an engine so there is no free energy.

Now what if I told you it already exist? And you are already using it in your kitchen, office and homes. I find it funny, talk about going a blind eye. The same scientist and engineers who would argue the impossibility of an above unity engine would do so sitting in a room with their ac on, sipping a cup of coffee made with milk from their freezer.

Yes, I am sarcastically referring to the process of refrigeration. Energy is applied to a machine and it takes heat away from one point to another. In the process cooling one part and heating the other. How ironic is it, that the only device that release more energy than it consumes is the one we pay the most for in energy bill.

If we turn the table around and focus on the radiator of an ac or fridge, the heat energy being liberated at this end is a sum of the electrical energy consumed by the machine and the heat energy absorbed from the cold end of the machine. Usually we get 3 time the energy consume, i.e. if we apply 100 watts of power to an ac we get 400 watts of power in the form of heat energy at the hot end. 300 watts of heat energy is absorbed from the cold end and release it at the hot end. That is 300 watts of from “thin air”. I am no scientist but 400 watts from 100 watts sounds like above unity to me.

Currently I am working on a project to build an engine that produces more energy than it consumes. Using basic equipments I am able to produce up to 10.901 watts of power (heat energy) by using 7.2 watts (electrical) using a peltier module.

Ambient energy engine is the name I am giving to my device. Basically it’s a combination of stirling engine, refrigerator and an alternator. I still have a long way to go, but the possibility is real. This device will be just a proof of concept. A device to prove to everyone that nobody owns energy and that energy is free for all.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it, and hope my words inspire you to think and not take things as they are.


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