Comment on general strike


Letter to Editor

Today I arrived from Delhi. I do firmly support ILP however on my way back home some youth blocked my way and started abusing me. The general strike was called all of sudden. So I had to go home but these certain youth used vulgarity.I told them that I am a Manager for SBI and showed them my boarding pass too. However one boy aged around 17 years didn’t consider and treated us very badly. I didn’t respond him. He has no respect for the senior and also if they behave in such a way I don’t think we are heading in the right direction. I felt like smashing him to death but maybe he was high in drugs. If we have to make our demand works these kind of morally torture to public
must stop else there wont be no unity. so my advice to these youth is to behave well and be disciplined so that we become one.

The above article was sent to KO by Sameer on Aug 16, 2015. He can be contacted at tomhuda(at)gmail(dot)com



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