Communal propaganda by fake groups


By Momon Thoudam

I wonder if Manipuris are harassing Non-Manipuris or Non-manipuris are harassing/murdering the National character of Manipuri people. A non-manipuri blog on facebook by name “Helpless non meiteis(in manipur) previously “Helpless Non-Manipuris” have been circulating various communal, anti Manipuri/Anti Meitei propagandas day and night. The facebook pages generate hatred and suspicion among Manipuris and Non-Manipuris and Meitei-tribals. It’s one of the most violent form of communal propaganda against Manipur at large. Jcilps on another hand normally appealed people of Manipur to stage democratic form of agitation for implementation of ILPS in Manipur. Public curfew/public emergency was also declared as per the inactivity and insensitivity shown by the Govt towards the issue of demographic imbalance in the state. The people of state witnessed as how some misled Kukis along with Non-manipuris targeted and looted pro ILPS Meitei groups in Moreh recently. By indulging into economic blockade against Manipur, Non-manipuris have yet again proved beyond any reasonable doubt that they are anti-Manipur and anti-Manipuris. Serious consequences are inevitable due to non- Manipuris communal politics in Manipur and NE at large. Non Manipuris would be solely responsible for any untoward communal clashes in the region. People of Manipur specially Meiteis who are spearheading ILP movement have shown maximum level of self restraint till date. NEPO..the name itself is great insult to the indigenous people of NE??!!! It’s high time NE should unite against immigrants which are becoming rowdy in NE itself, abusing Northeasterners in NE. People of NE should teach these lecherous criminal Non- Manipuris a big lesson, need to remind that its NE and no Delhi where in they would rape, molest kill our people at will…and now Blockade in NE!!!Pro NRC groups of Assam and pro ILPS groups of Manipur should join hand in hand and liberate NE from Non Northeasterners in the greater interests of regional peace and tranquility…Long live Manipur! Long live NE! Down with Mayang hegemony! Save NE from Mayangs!!No to greater Bangladesh! Save indigenous peoples of NE!!

This article was sent on 23 Aug 2015 by Momon Thoudam. He can be contacted at thoudammomo(at)gmail(dot)com


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