Extend existing ILPS in State: ATSUM tells government



KANGPOKPI, August 25: Deeply concerning the grave tension prevailing in the state the All Tribal Students` Union Manipur (ATSUM) today rendered two chains of commands to Chief Minister O. Ibobi Singh in an open memorandum in order to effectively address the grievances of the JCILPS and maintains public tranquility and return to normalcy.

The memorandum is signed by its acting president Joseph R Hmar.

ATSUM`™s two steps are, firstly, the Government of Manipur should extend the existing ILPS Act to stop further entry of non-natives/non-locals.

Secondly, the State government should form fully represented committee to examine the demographic impact of existing non-natives/non-locals in the state.

As this exercise would take time, the involvement of local public in the form of agitation would paralyze for months and years which would have serious adverse impact on the state socially and economically, the open memorandum of ATSUM added.

It further said that, Hill Area Committee would have to be involved if the tribal areas are covered.

ATSUM also appealed Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh to ensure suitable legislation to extend the ILP Act to Manipur at the earliest in the interest of the suffering local masses and only after such extension of the Act, to seriously as well as cautiously take up the second step to redress any adverse demographic impact due to the entry of non-natives/non-locals.

However, ATSUM cautioned that the second step given by them cannot and should not be taken up before or together with the first step under any circumstances.


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