GOI and NSCN(IM) peace accord: Statement of Th Muivah, General Secretary, NSCN(IM)


Press Statement

3rd of August, 2015 Delhi.

After decades of confrontation and untold sufferings the Nagas responded to have political dialogue with the Government of India in view of the acknowledgement that the GoI will seek peaceful solution leaving aside military solution to the Naga Issue.

The attitude of the Nagas towards India changed considerably when the BJP government took realistic step in recognising the “Unique History and situation of the Nagas” on July 11, 2002. It demonstrated the desire for a lasting and honourable political solution of the issue. Better understanding has been arrived at and a framework agreement has been conclude basing on the unique history and position of the Nagas and recognising the universal principle that in a democracy sovereignty lies with the people.

We applause the leadership of Mr. Prime Minister NarendraModi and still for his statesmanship shown towards finding possible final political solution. We praise the Naga people and the people of India for exercising unprecedented patience in supporting the Indo-Naga peace process. With all faith and confidence we believe that an honourable peaceful political solution will be worked out before long.

We praise ad thank the Lord God almighty and in His mighty work for peace. May God bless India, her people and the leadership. We also thanked the Naga people for their unparalleled support. We know they can do the better still in the days to come.



Th. Muivah

General Secretary, NSCN.


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